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#65 ‘Are You Sitting Comfortably’ by White Rabbit

January 12, 2012

Sweets and a plastic skelly formed part of the table displays at White Rabbit's agreeably spine-tingling story event.

Storytelling doesn’t need to be just for kids, honest. White Rabbit are a duo who get present events in which they read short stories – their own and others’ – to an adult crowd. We were lucky enough to attend ‘Are You Sitting Comfortably’, their first event to feature a live musical accompaniment.

Since this was a night of ghost stories, it couldn’t have been more appropriate for seasonal shivers. Listening to stories isn’t quite like being at a theatre event. It’s more intimate, more hushed, and yet still ideally suited to an evening’s civilised entertainment. Like all good fireside tales, these stories mixed the eerie, the spine-tingling and the funny – this last category including a story about the recently deceased getting haunting work, and another about everyday Satanism on an allotment. (And yes, they did funny voices, too.) Other, creepier tales featured a hangman propositioned by Death to take on Jack the Ripper (appropriate for the event’s east-end setting) and an imaginary friend with a terrifying lust for existence; just the kind of thing to benefit from the restrained and expertly arranged accompaniment by the musicians. This wasn’t just background music, it was a proper score, punctuating the stories and amplifying the tone.

Oh – and Mrs Brown won a copy of A Christmas Carol by revealing that her ultimate fear is The Littlest Hobo from the old TV series (including an apology for her hobophobia). Good times.

Watch an excerpt of the show here.

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