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#77 The Great Christmas Pudding Race

December 5, 2011

Not pictured but present: a little Westie who dressed up as Father Christmas AAAHHHHHHH. 'Hataz gonna hate,' it said resignedly.

One of the fun things about yawping on about so many events in London is that you start noticing* all the weird little ones. Not the chin-stroking artsy events or the trendy new bar openings; just the everyday fundraisers or local shop specials. London is a collection of villages, as infuriating people are always telling you, so it’s nice to see some endearingly provincial stuff going on in the middle of chi-chi bullshit. There, was that patronising enough for you? Well done, London! Have a pat on the head and a pink wafer!

The Great Christmas Pudding Race in Covent Garden last weekend was one of these. Teams of local businesses dress up and carry a Christmas pudding around an ‘It’s A Knockout’ style obstacle course, to  raise money for Cancer Research UK. A team of bankers dressed penitently as convicts, men became turkeys, angels were allowed to look sluttier than they do in heaven, and a rather hairy Virgin Mary put in an appearance in an all-male Nativity team. Nobody wore overly large sunglasses and pretended not to care what everyone thought. Nobody was blogging it for their stupid London events blog.**  Nobody cared if Sienna Miller or Russell Brand was there. It was great.

*’ie, scrabbling around desperately for’
**Wait. Shit.
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