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#68 Sky Lodge

January 3, 2012

 Did you go skiing this holiday season? Good lord. Did you really? You absolute twat. Sorry, is that rude of us? Just because you didn’t have to spend December dashing around an increasingly sordid selection of pub, bars and restaurants thanks to a gypsy’s curse? Okay, we admit it. We’re basically just jealous.

Sky Lodge did a bit to assuage these feelings, though. Tooley Street’s top-floor Sky Room near London Bridge was turned into an ersatz ski lodge, complete with outdoor campfire, mulled drinks of all descriptions, singalongs around the piano (do ski lodges really do this? Really) and warming stews. Our cheery hosts elected to dress up as reindeer, Santa and, bafflingly, a gingerbread man. Best of all, the Sky Room was filled with folks who seemed to genuinely be into the genial, clubby mentality of a ski lodge. (For all we know.) It’s these kind of brief pop-up nights that give London’s nightlife its treasured individuality – and offer everyone the excuse to dress up, of course, which is really the most important thing.

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