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#92 Ned’s Noodle Box

November 23, 2011

For those who like to drink their warm sake in a minimalist maltshop. That's you, right?

It’s proof even the most bijou of London’s cafes are going for the retro look. Ned’s Noodle Box is a Waterloo spin-off from the Ned’s Noodle Bar chain – this tiny takeaway offers authentic chinese noodle dishes, letting you choose the combination of noodle type and sauce yourself.

What makes it cute is that it’s got an endearing 1950s US diner feel, from the cheery logo onwards. All the meals – even when you eat in – are served in the tall cardboard takeaway boxes you’ll recognise from countless american movies, complete with little metal handles. Everything has a very slight American Graffiti meets Enter the Dragon kind of vibe. Nothing too fancy, mind. This isn’t that kind of place. But it’s more fun that Wagamama, or Happy Tasty Generic Local Noodle Palace, for that matter.

You know. These boxes. God, that's a bleak photo. LOOK AWAY. 

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