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#91 The Real Greek

November 23, 2011

Literally the whole restaurant. See that space between the two diners in the middle? That's the main aisle.

Talking of world food – The Real Greek does authentic food at realistic prices at six London locations. It also claims to be the first restaurant to have put calorie counts on its menu. All well and good. But if you go to the Covent Garden branch, just opposite (appropriately if you think about it) the London Marathon Store on Long Acre, beware.

The food’s not bad, and the space seats about twenty – so it’s a bit of a surprise to find that they’ve squeezed what feels like about three times that many places in here. There’s less room to breathe than a Picadilly Line carriage at 6pm, and the tables are so tiny that your food is served on tiered plates, like a classic afternoon tea.

We were a little disappointed in the signature Souvlaki wraps (served at room temperature, and the lamb was a little chewy), but it helped when we could go outside and stop pulling our bellies in. Peeking through the windows of the London Marathon Store, we could see they weren’t quite as busy – and the people inside were so skinny, they had no trouble with space. Funny, that…

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