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#94 Occupy St Pauls

November 18, 2011

Visiting today, I found this unexpectedly moving. I’ll let the pics speak for themselves. Mostly. Click each picture to (vastly) embiggen, so you can read a lot of the text for yourselves. And there was a lot of text. The camp seemed made out of words as well as canvas.

A TV crew interview an activist wearing a V for Vendetta mask.

A squabble over taking down an enormous sign.

A speech delivered towards the steps of St Pauls. Like me, almost everyone there was photographing everything.

Every tent seemed to have its own slogan.

The effect of the posters and text on the pillars next to the shops was stronger than you might think.

Passers-by seemed broadly sympathetic - and keen to know more, I'd say.

Even the pavement was covered in slogans.

'THE BEGINNING IS NIGH' was definitely my favourite phrase - it just seemed to sum up the positivity of everyone's attitude here.

Extracts from Wikileaks transcripts covered some of the pillars. Talk about putting the truth out there...

The contrast between the tatty tents of the camp and the serene, ornate geometry of St Pauls couldn't have been clearer - it's obvious where the historical power lies here.


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