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#98 Some Like It Hip Hop

November 3, 2011

What can save the inhabitants of this drab and sunless land? If you said POSITIVE STREET DANCE you were right and we now owe you £500. Congratulations!

Dance theatre troupe Zoonation’s Into the Hoods was a massive success, and it’s no surprise to see they’re revisiting the street-dance-meets-fairytale concept with Some Like It Hip Hop.

Although it’s a vintage-themed story about cross-dressing and deception, it’s not really based on Some Like It Hot. Instead, it’s about a dystopian world in which two girls pretend to be men to outwit an embittered autocrat – so there are elements of the classic comedy here, but the style is much more storybook. Narrated rather than acted, the tale isn’t much more than a fair stab at an excuse for cool sets and amazing dance numbers. It zings along, though, and each and every dancer is with bursting with joy, vigour and precision.

If you’re not convinced by the end of the story, then the full-on, joyful audience participation of the ‘post-credits’ finale will melt your cold, cold heart. This may not be National Theatre levels of pro seriousness, but it’s full of funky, flawless dancing that deserves to be seen.

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