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#100 Lupita

November 3, 2011

Lupita keeps it real, cabrón, with a Day of the Dead display.

It’s hard to believe that we last visited a Mexican restaurant as our first entry, 111 goddamn events ago. And we still have so far to go… but don’t worry, we’ll claw ourselves to the top of this particular mountain if it kills us. Death by London, my friends. DEATH BY LONDON.

So Lupita on Villiers Street is billed as more authentic than our previous favourite Wahaca, which is this year’s more hip and chain-friendly version. Lupita trades on its direct connection with El Falorito, Mexico City’s favourite taqueria. Tacos are what it does best, including delicious carnitas made of slow-cooked pork. The nachos were generous and the guacamole full-bodied and moreish. No fuss, no gimmicks, just deliciousness. Lupita doesn’t have the slickness or fancy website of Wahaca, but it’s more authentic and honest. Plus, it’ll do you a mean Mexican Bloody Mary with Sol beer and clamato. Breakfast of champions.


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