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#108 Paul A Young Fine Chocolates

October 24, 2011

If you're the kind of person who can't pop a choc in their mouth unless it's been artisaned to within an inch of its little brown life, Paul A Young is for you.

If you like your chocolate fancy, your shops icily air-conditioned and your flavours controversially avant-garde, you could do worse than popping into the Paul A Young chocolate boutique in Soho.

They take their chocolate seriously; there’s the subtle scent of culinary fanatisicm mixed with the not-so-subtle chocolatey air here. Among the many no-nonsense high-cocoa chocs and truffles, but we sampled a couple of ‘advanced’ flavours: Goat’s cheese, rosemary and lemon (the delicately speckled one ones in the pic) and a Marmite flavoured truffle. The goat’s cheese choc was an amazing little explosion of airy, creamy, scented loveliness. The Marmite one was, well, a bit heavy on the old Marmite. Can’t help but think we brought that on ourselves.

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