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#114 sketch

October 18, 2011

We’ve been around, we have, and we’ve seen our fair share of trad-modern, shabby-chic, quirky interiors. Most of them don’t amount to much more than a bit of wallpaper, a couple of flying ducks on the wall and the ubiquitous stag’s head. Sketch – oh, sorry, sketch, without the capital ‘s’ – is better. This cavernous bar, cafe and restaurant just off Regent Street goes a little bit further.

Sketch's famous poo-pods in full effect.

Sure, there are huge plastic stag’s head lights, but there’s also an enormous empty angel-shaped plastic blister pack on the wall. Unlike some places, its off-kilter style runs all the way through it. Try their home-made cakes, or sip a delicate infusion in their flowery china. We can’t speak for the restaurant, but seeing as its head chef is Pierre Gagnaire, who runs a three-Michelin-starred place in Paris, we’re going to assume it’s alright.

As well as a couple of stunningly well-appointed interior dining spaces, sketch boasts epic unisex pod-shaped toilets*, straight out of a Kubrick movie. Reason enough to go, surely? No? Suit yourselves.

*Pro-tip: you can mimic a visit to sketch’s loos by looking at the picture to the left, then moving your face closer and closer to the computer screen until you’re ‘inside’ the toilets and your ‘nose’ is ‘squashed’.

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