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#122 Berkeley Hotel Bar

October 17, 2011

Behold the Blue Bar: a Wetherspoons for the terminally rich. No envy or nothing. Oh no.

More tastefully lit than this promo photo suggests, the Berkeley Hotel’s Blue Bar is only so named because the Gold Bar would sound tacky. The scent of money hangs over this bar, thick and heavy, like cigar smoke. Wide ties and bespoke suits are the norm here; all the identical bar staff seemed to be taking time off from their taxing supermodel jobs. Every time anyone shook hands, there was the sound you hear when a fruit machine pays out its jackpot. We watched dumbfounded as a couple bought a couple of glasses of Krug and then left the bar, having only drunk half, leaving £40 worth of booze. No, we didn’t finish it off. Come on.

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