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#120 Food Hall at Harvey Nichols

October 17, 2011

Perfect for chi-chi mumsicles feeding their brood on sashimi and wagyu spag bol.

When you think about it, the idea of the Food Hall at Harvey Nichols is ludicrous. It’s a clothes shop. Would sir care for some salmon and avocado salad to go with his Alexander McQueen suit? Some fusilli with your fur coat, madam? Nevertheless, it’s a staple of the store. Unable to best the sheer range and ludicrousness of the Harrods and Selfridge’s food halls, Harvey Nick’s sticks to what it does best: only the best super-styled-up products at eye-watering prices. The good thing about this is that everything is awesome here. It’s usually fairly quiet, too. You’ll only run into harried career mums clutching prams and packets of organic Rice Krispies, or dead-eyed waifs scoping out the lowest-calorie breadsticks for dinner. As a concession to the idea that even fashion folk have to eat, it’s rather endearing.

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