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#128 Dishoom

October 5, 2011

No! Stay away. Salty sugar horror. Lovely place though. Go there. Yes!

Right, let’s whack this out quickly. Dishoom is a restaurant! Of the Indian variety! Its pop-up counterpart on the South Bank has just reached the end of its tenure, but its main port of call in St Martin’s Lane is doing fine, thank you very much! Being based on the rather civilised Iranian cafés in Bombay, you’ll find a selection of slightly unusual but very authentic and down-to-earth dishes which are a world away from standard curry fare!

Their sweet, muddy chai is authentic, which means it’s a bit of an acquired taste! And the decor gives everything a fresh and fascinating feel! But don’t have any of the Indian cola or lemonade there! It tastes like mermaid wee! MR AND MRS BROWN OUT!


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