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#130 Gamer at Science Museum Lates

October 4, 2011

Like a normal museum, only with fun and alcohol. Why not just convert all museums into interactive gin palaces? ONE FOR THE COALITION GOVERNMENT TO CONSIDER THERE.

If you’re a grown-up, and you’re in London, and it’s the last Wednesday evening of the month, you can and should go the Science museum for one of their adult-friendly late openings. They’re free, and you may need to queue for a bit, but it’s worth it. This month’s Gamer event included various snack-like mini-entertainments, like a silent disco*, an interactive spotlight to try and step on, and of course access to all the galleries without snot-nosed child-goblins to distract you. Also, booze. London’s museums have spent the last decade waking up to the fact that they’re some of the best social spaces we have – these days, they’re really getting into their stride.

The event also boasted a gallery filled with giant motion-sensitive projections of Quake II characters who’d shoot you on sight.”So like you’ve got to avoid these like 80s videogame characters,” said the studenty helper in charge. “QUAKE II WAS RELEASED IN 1997 YOU VAPID TWAT,” I sneered at him (I didn’t. But it was. And I felt old.) I zoomed through the gallery, all the same, thinking how much less exciting it was than Quake II; but never mind.

PS: Everyone had arresting haircuts and engineering degrees. These were definitely the Right Type of Geeks, with a vengeance.

*You know. You wear headphones and dance to the same music. It’s designed to confirm everyone’s worst suspicions about white people.

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