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#137 Wow! Gorillas at The Scoop

September 22, 2011

It’s Bristol Zoo’s 175th anniversary! Who cares? Not us – Bristol Zoo isn’t in London. But to celebrate. the zoo has dispatched twenty gorilla statues to The Scoop at London Bridge’s ‘The Scoop’ area by the Thames. Painted, like them cows. You know the score by now. The gorillas free to visit, but Thursday 22nd September is the last day they’ll be around. Here are our favourites – but which is yours?

'Is it number one - Monkey King?'

'Number two - G1000?'

'Number three - Banana Fetishist?' (Note actual sacrificial banana.)

'Number four - Isambard King Kong Brunel?'

'Number five - Long John Silverback?'

'Or number 6 - Spider-Mandrill? (A gorilla who climbs tall buildings in New York? It'll never catch on...)

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