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#140 London Riots

September 20, 2011

Oh god. Two months nearly gone. What happened there? Oh yes. We suddenly got extremely lazy and had a massive attack of the can’t-be-arseds. Right back on now. With quick updates! Quick, because according to our rough calculations, we have approximately SIX THOUSAND events to do before we reach our total of 211 events this year.

From the window of our flat: clever police busy putting the incident to rights. Not shown: kids twenty minutes later busy putting it to wrongs again.

Right then! We had the riots down our way! Nothing too horrible, and hardly the ideal post to restart the site with, but it happened. Down Waterloo way, we are. On that fateful Monday night, our street was perfectly still, until swarms of moped riders appeared, wielding blackberries*. They were followed by a gang of kids from the nearby estate who smashed in the shop below us. I sat in our first floor flat, wondering if we were going to get firebombed. The police turned up, which was great. What wasn’t so great was that when the police left, the kids just came back again.

Okay, it’s hardly setting a Croydon carpet shop on fire, but it was weird and unsettling all the same. The spell of the police broke for that one night – really broke – and it was as surreal as it was disturbing. Anyway, they’ve all been locked up now, so that’s the underlying causes of THAT riot sorted out. Oh no, wait…

Mrs Brown slept through all this, by the way. She even got up in the middle to go to the loo, and went back to bed again without realising anything had happened. That’s swagger.

*Yeah, looks weird without the capital B, doesn’t it? But makes for a better image.

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  1. September 20, 2011 4:56 pm

    I wondered where you had been – I thought lazing on a tropical beach somewhere, drinking something long and cold.

    Good on Mrs Brown – I have only managed to sleep through a devastating storm (twice – once in Israel where a whole kibbutz was wrecked, and once through the “there is no storm” storm)


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