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#141 Vintage Festival at Southbank Centre

August 3, 2011

Two dedicated Vintage fans provide a metonymic representation of the entire festival. PHOTOJOURNALISM.

Just a small update – Vintage Festival on Sunday night. Southbank Centre is the ideal place for this shizzle because it’s split into a lot of bitesize rooms. So a festival can take it over, and still feel bustling and creative without being too cramped. Hooray!

Yes, that’s it.

…Are you still here?

Um. Right. Okay, well, there was a Rock and Roll room and a Northern Soul room and 80s dance warehouse party and a room in which you could select any old records from an Oxfam style collection and they’d play them. (This was the best room.) Many people wore hats. Look, we can’t be expected to spell everything out for you. You had to be there, okay? Okay. Pfft.

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