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#146 Bubbleology & #145 Chaboba

July 26, 2011

Tea flavours and 'bubbles' at Bubbleology. instead of bubbles, Mrs Brown would prefer we went for the more controversial nomenclature 'disgusting frogspawn ugh ugh ugh'.

Bubble tea, right, is flavoured green or black tea with little pustules of semolina floating in the bottom. And this is seen as a good thing. You slurp them up through an extra-large straw and chew on them while you’re drinking. Would it surprise you to learn that bubble tea is an Asian idea? If it was any more gross, we’d have to call it a delicacy.

Bubble tea is sweeping the nation available for purchase in two cafes in London. One is Soho’s Bubbleology; the other is Camden’s Chaboba. The tea itself seems to taste about the same, and both places offer a healthy variety of flavours and bubble variants. While Chaboba is a glorified booth, Bubbleology is mad-science-themed and sillier, with a small sit-down area.

Chobaba. Hey, why did Marx never drink bubble tea? BECAUSE BUBBLE TEA IS THEFT! No wait that doesn't

In Bubbleology, we went for a sweet milky tea (although I think it’s actually non-dairy soya in there). In Chaboba, we tried the green tea with peach flavour, with added strawberry popping bubbles for an extra 50p. Rather than being chewy, these popping bubbles are textured like mini bath balls/giant caviar that burst on your tongue. Hooray!

Mrs Brown sort of retched when she tried them, but I like it! I would definitely probably not ever maybe go back and try them again sometimes never. Every day. I would score it either 7/10 or -7/10. Bubble tea, you just got yo’ ass REVIEWED.

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