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#160 Garlic and Shots

June 21, 2011

Technically, the dress code for Garlic and Shots is 'original Motorhead t-shirt, arms optional'. LOOK THIS SHOT DOESN'T MAKE IT LOOK VERY METAL BUT IT IS OKAY. A BIT METAL. SHUT UP.

I like it when a restaurant puts its USP in its title. The Garlic and Shots restaurant has lurked on Frith Street – north of the gays, south of the media – for as long as we’ve been in London. It does two things – garlic and shots. And food. Three things!

Garlic and Shots has a very vague vampire theme going on. A sort of cheery, scuzzy homeless vampire theme. As a Swedish – not Transylvanian – vodka bar, it’s only natural that is should attract its share of fair-haired, eyelinered rockers. It’s fair to say that Garlic and Shots has its own vibe.

What do they put garlic in? Everything, with extra garlic, and then a bit of bonus garlic on top. Their garlic bread is half a loaf, riddled with cloves. Every dish is cooked with, marinaded with, and damn near irradiated with the stuff, and is good in a unpretentiously pop-food kind of way. Of course there’s garlic in the choice of 101 different shots, n00b.

Why not try their garlic beer? It’s not some kind of artisinal concoction from an obscure Stockholm brewery. It’s normal lager, with a couple of cloves’ worth of fresh crushed garlic floating insolently on top. Yeah, they went there. If science figures out a way to put garlic in garlic itself, you know who’ll be serving it.

We liked it, though. It has a downstairs dance-den where they play god knows what. We’ll have to find out at some point. So go to Garlic and Shots. What have you got to lose, apart  future centuries of unliving immortality, powered by the blood of helpless human cattle? Oh, and your social circle, too. You’re going to have stinky-stink breath tomorrow.

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  1. hannah permalink
    June 22, 2011 1:16 pm

    happy memories of garlic ice cream washed down by garlic vodka shots, mmmm…

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