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#164 CellarDoor

June 3, 2011

CellaDoor: bigger on the inside! Actually, not really, in this case. Slightly smaller, if anything.

This photo isn’t just a random shot of the exterior of the rather lovely Axis restaurant and bar at the bottom of Aldwych, where it meets the Strand. It’s actually the entrance to a public toilet that decided to pick itself up by the bootstraps and start a whole new life as a funky little subterranean bar.

It’s called CellarDoor and it’s incredibly easy to miss, if you mistake the gill-like entrance stairway for another one of London’s random urban extrusions. Inside, it’s as wee – haha – as you’d expect. Somehow, the place packs in a well-stocked bar and small seating area. There’s even a tiny performance space, with room for a keyboard and singer, as long as they pull their belly in. CellarDoor claims it can accomodate 60 people. Not bad for a bar that seems barely bigger than a couple of king-size beds. Aw, it’s cute!

As is entirely appropriate, CellarDoor hosts performances from drag queens, burlesque-esque cabaret stars, and live music on a Sunday, to boot. Next time you’re in the area, pop in and see. They mix a mean martini, too.

Best of all, if you go into the shiny toilets and look very closely, you’ll find a tiny bar the size of your fist, filled with real tiny people and containing its own toilets, which themselves, contain a microscopic bar, and so on, all the way to infinity. I’m pretty sure I remember seeing this!

(Um. We may have been drunk, and by ‘may have been’ I mean ‘definitely was’, and by ‘drunk’, I mean ‘falling down pie-eyed, robbed of speech by demon liquor’. So yeah.)

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  1. Liam permalink
    June 3, 2011 7:26 pm

    Manchester has a similar place, called the Temple (as in ‘of Convenience’, I presume). The toilets in it are unusually nasty.

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