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#174 London Duck Tour

May 5, 2011

First the Serpentine, now the Thames! Where next? Floating down a tourist turd-mobile on a London sewer system theme ride? Probably!

Here’s a fun one. The London Duck Tour is a whizz around London in those big yellow amphibious bus-truck-things you see trundling around Westminster. They’re old WWII vehicles, don’t you know, created for D-Day; but now they can be found around the word, in any tourist-friendly location with enough water to make them worthwhile.

Jump in one and you’ll get a fun beginner’s guide to the capital, along with aqueous lols and a few choice quips and nuggets of trivia. It’s a bit like being in some kind of science-fiction taxi with a loquacious driver. “Winston Churchill’s statue is electrified, so pigeons can’t land on it.” “The London Underground was a Victorian invention – the first line was opened in 1863, so Jack the Ripper could have travelled on it.” “There’s an Angus Steak House – London’s most popular restaurant. Well, it was until the ‘G’ fell off the sign…” And so on. Sounds bizarre, but they’re true. (Okay, apart from the last one, jesus.)

You’ll also get to splash into the water and wallow slowly down the Thames to Westminster Bridge. And no, you don’t get wet. Much. Got relatives? They’ll love this. Trust us.

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  1. Matt permalink
    May 17, 2011 3:54 pm

    I went on a duck tour in San Francisco and must say, while it was fun going in the water, it would probably have been equally as good had it just stayed on dry land. I imagine going down river makes the water part more fun in London!

    That being said, I enjoyed it and the guide was hilarious! I think these things can be made or broken by getting the best guide!

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