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#175 Boating on the Serpentine

May 4, 2011

Idyllic Hyde Park. Not shown behind trees: 1000 muggings.

Okay, okay, bit of a break there in the updates – but meanwhile we’ve been caning the places and events. So let’s whizz through a handful of them at top speed!

Boating on the Serpentine, then. What’s to say? Considering you can’t get more central than Hyde Park, the Serpentine – even on a hot, busy day – still offers a surprisingly placid place to hang out. From Easter to October, pedallos (pedalloes? Does anyone care?) and row boats are available for hire. You pay per person rather than per boat, but it’s not crazy money – £8 an hour, and an hour will probably do you.

Rowing is a cinch. Unless, like me, you favour one arm over the other and persist in rowing in tiny, pathetic circles, while Mrs Brown and our friends laugh at me. I got my own back, though. I drowned them all!*

*Too much coffee today apparently. Coofofofofofeeeee

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