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#179 Sushi Ga Ga

April 7, 2011

The elegantly arranged sashimi on ice has a dash of Ikebana about it.

It’s sushi, only ga ga! There, that’s the only review you need of this relatively new sushi shack.

Okay, a bit more: it’s not actually mental, not even slightly, but rather hip and shiny. It’s crowded behind a shop front in Lisle Street – that’s the street behind Leicester Square that always seems redolent of a Hong Kong back alley, to the extent you expect an elaborately choregraphed fight between White Lotus Clan and Ancient Dragon Family to break out.

As well as the usual sushi/sashimi/bento/ramen combos, Sushi Ga Ga is proud to serve some of Japanese fast food’s less well-known variants. Donburi Eel was simple and extremely tasty – perfectly cooked eel drizzled with sauce over sticky rice. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can go for a Japanese pizza with a rice base (complete with cheese). Not quite okonomiyaki, but close.

As for drinks, is there really any doubt about what you should go for? Sushi Ga Ga encourages you to enjoy your saki warm (like a normal) or chilled (hipster-style).

But apart from the endless quantities of saki (and plum wine, to be fair), it was the soft shell crab hand-rolled te-maki that really stood out. Full-flavoured, warm and soft, it was the ultimate sushi. Give it a try if you go; you’ll be hooked.

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