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#206 Berkeley Spa

February 16, 2011

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  It’s not often I get the chance to undress in front of London’s rich and famous, but Sunday, courtesy of one very generous Mr Brown, I spent a thoroughly enjoyable 4 hours of indulgence and pampering at the Berkeley Spa.  I knew I was onto a good thing as soon as I arrived – when issued with my slippers and bathrobe and instructed to enjoy the roof top swimming pool, the loungers and the stunning views over Hyde Park….   After a couple of hours of dozing on a lounger by the marble pool, where the most effort was turning a page of my book or having a sip of fruit water, I eventually managed a couple of lengths in the pool.   The clientele tended towards the rich, old and slightly orange – rather than famous, but without my specs on I don’t think I’d  have even noticed if Michael Douglas was on the lounger next to me (probably a good thing…).

However, the best was yet to come- with 2 hrs of pampering including a ticklish body scrub, a neck and shoulder massage and a facial, in a lovely warm room, with plinky plonky music playing in the background.  I came out thoroughly bemused, not at all wanting to face the rain or getting home, but wishing it was something I could do every day.   Unfortunately the steep price tag means I’ll just have to wait till next Christmas and hope that Mr Brown is feeling equally generous.

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